Project Tusk: The Stream-Ready Combat Flight Helmet

Project Tusk: The Stream-Ready Combat Flight Helmet

The goal of Project Tusk is to refit a vintage US Navy flight helmet to be stream-ready for combat flight simulation.

Project Tusk is designed to be compatible with Project Nimitz.


See the Latest Video: The latest Tusk proof of concept video is embedded below.

For all Tusk videos, see the Project Tusk playlist on YouTube.

Stream It: Charles flies as callsign “Rocky” on Twitch stream “MoFVFS”.

Project Build Phases

The project will be built out starting from the original received artifact, in four phases, focused on different input and output components: Phase Diagram (Click for hi-res diagram)

Read more about the phases below - as new phases are spun up you’ll see new sections below.

The Helmet Itself - a Historical Artifact

Tusk was just an idea until I found a helmet. Fortunately - this helmet found me: from my team of Future Leaders at the Museum of Flight, I received this legendary piece of US Navy history:

Original artifacts

This helmet and accessories come from Charles W. Olson Sr., a naval aviator, and later an engineer with the Naval Air Development Center. Charles Olson passed away on July 18, 2019.

An APH-6A helmet, large size, manufactured by the Sierra Corporation, this artifact came with earpiece cups, an oxygen mask, and a working visor.

Original phase

The helmet fits comfortably and is in good condition.

Original helmet

The audio earcups are comfortable and in good condition.

Original helmet

The visor, with the exception of a small chip at the bottom, is functional and in good condition.

Original visor

From this excellent starting point, we move into Phase 1: wiring for sound and adding IR tracking.

Phase 1: Temporary Audio and Infrared Tracking

Phase 1’s goal is to gain the quickest path to Audio and Infrared Tracking. We will eventually wire up the helmet audio cups and use a real boom microphone, but to gain the fastest path to audio, we’ll substitute in a temporary headset and microphone.

Phase 1 Diagram

Break it down, build it up

The following components were changed or removed: Phase 1 Diagram The oxygen mask has an incompatible audio jack. The mask is temporarily removed; it will return in Phase 4. Phase 1 Diagram The audio cups were wired with an incompatible audio jack; wires were removed and the cups were reinstalled in the helmet.

New items installed



Phase 2: Virtual Reality Headset Support

Coming Soon!

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