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Six Rules for Serving on a Board of Advisors

I just wrapped up two years as a part-time Advisory Board member with STEM Sports®, an educational product company in Arizona. While I was there, I brought in an OKR framework to help the company identify and align on goals,...

Be The One That Helps.

Birthday cake sitting in coffee cups - that’s what my brain woke me up with today - and it’s exactly what I needed to see.

Ribs On the Gas Grill: an Updated Recipe

If you’ve been a fan of my original 2011 Ribs Recipe, I’ve got an update for you. It’s one you can do with a gas grill, and one that’s a little less fiddly with the foil pack.

Nine Guidelines for Surviving and Thriving in Uncertainty

Times of worker and management uncertainty are higher than ever. Merger and acquisition activity is expected to continue its brisk pace, hybrid work shows no signs of slowing down with 51% of global knowledge workers already remote and 75% saying...