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Charles N. Cox

Digital Leader, Principal PM, Certified Scaled Agile Consultant and Change Management Practitioner in Seattle, WA. Former game developer, designer, and educator; founder of indie studio 4gency. Flight sim junkie.

Recent Roles

Principal Tech. Program Manager - HBO ‘15-Present

Founder and Studio Head - 4gency ‘11-‘16

Senior Program Manager - Microsoft Xbox ‘10-‘13

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Education and Certs


Code Projects

Speaking Engagements

The 4gency Indie Days 2013-2017

The Windows Phone Days 2011

The XNA Days 2007-2008


So, are you a developer? Or a PM? Or what?

I was trained as an engineer. These days, I write code only if I have to – which isn’t infrequently.

I still don’t get it. Are you an engineer?


But PM’s aren’t supposed to write code!

I know. Don’t let it worry you too much.

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