Flying the Virtual Skies - a Museum of Flight Show

Flying the Virtual Skies is an episodic video series presented by The Museum of Flight, developed by Charles Cox and the Future Leaders Team. It combines modern flight simulation with real expert interviews, to give viewers a unique “being there” experience on historic aircraft. Using lessons learned in the GiveBig 2020 Livestream, this series continues the Future Leaders’ commitment to exploring new audiences and supporting Museum development.

Episode List

The following episodes of Flying the Virtual Skies are available to watch:

Episode 1: Concorde

Episode 2: The Boeing 707 Barrel Roll

Episode 3: P-51 Mustang

Our Support and Sponsors

We are grateful to The Museum of Flight for giving us the opportunity to innovate as the Future Leaders Team, and for their trust and partnership with us as we developed this unique programming to help drive the Museum’s aviation excitement into the digital world during the Covid-19 crisis.

How and Why Was This Produced?

The Future Leaders Team exists to support The Museum of Flight with development, outreach and new audience efforts, focusing on young professionals. In early 2020, the Covid-19 crisis had forced the Museum to shut its doors to the public and refocus its efforts virtually. The Future Leaders Team built this new type of programming as a pilot to reach enthusiast audiences without the need for a physical Museum presence.

Check out /virtualskies/tech for an article detailing how the technology and event was put together.

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