GiveBIG 2020 Virtual Fly-In with VATSIM

The GiveBIG 2020 Virtual Fly-In was a livestream event presented on Twitch on May 6th 2020, developed by Charles Cox and the Future Leaders Team; it raised $7000 for the Museum of Flight in a four-hour interactive flight simulator live show with special guests, giveaways, and a fleet of virtual pilots and air traffic controllers that flew in and around the Boeing Field area in Seattle, Washington, using flight simulators from their home computers, connected over the VATSIM network.

The official Thank You video for the GiveBIG 2020 livestream!

Watch the Interviews

The Interviews from the GiveBIG livestream were a popular feature - we are proud to present them here:

Shareable Links | Alec Lindsey | Aaron Schwartz | Randy Getz | Vishaank Ghai | Manny Cruz and John Fiscus | Dave “Bio” Baranek | Wally Funk |

Alec Lindsey - Boeing Field History Interview

Aaron Schwartz - VATSIM Virtual Flight Interview

Randy Getz - USAF, Museum of Flight Docent Interview

Vishaank Ghai - VATSIM Air Traffic Control Interview

Manny Cruz and John Fiscus - Cirrus Aircraft Interview

Dave “Bio” Baranek - USN Topgun Interview

Wally Funk - Mercury 13 Interview

Bonus - GiveBIG Blooper Reel!

Watch ‘Em All: You can view all the interviews in a playlist here.

Where’s the Whole Stream?

For those that are ready to sit back and enjoy the full, unedited four hours of content, we’ve got that for you, too.

Be aware - there are no subtitles, no captions - this is the stream as it happened!

The GiveBIG 2020 Livestream - Full 4 Hour Stream

Our Support and Sponsors

This program wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our sponsors and supporters:

GiveBIG 2020 Flyer (Click for hi-res flyer)

We are grateful to The Museum of Flight for giving us the opportunity to innovate as the Future Leaders Team, and for their trust and partnership with us as we developed this unique programming to help raise money during the Covid-19 crisis.

We thank our partner, VATSIM, and the VATSIM ZSEARTCC for putting together a great virtual fly-in at Boeing Field. Thank you to the air traffic managers, controllers, pilots, community members and the VATSIM Board of Governors for all of their support and partnership to make this day happen.

Our special thanks to our sponsors Alaska Airlines and Cirrus Aircraft, who provided giveaway prizes for our viewers, and shared our message far and wide with their networks to make this day truly memorable.

And thank you to GiveBIG and 501 Commons for an amazing giving platform that helped raise over $19 Million and over 49,000 community hours for Washington State charities in May 2020. We were honored to take part in the Day of Giving, and benefit the Museum.

How and Why Was This Produced?

The Future Leaders Team exists to support The Museum of Flight with development, outreach and new audience efforts, focusing on young professionals. In early 2020, the Covid-19 crisis had forced the Museum to shut its doors to the public and refocus its efforts virtually. The Future Leaders Team built this new type of programming as a pilot to reach enthusiast audiences without the need for a physical Museum presence.

Developing and debugging this new type of programming for the Museum was a technical and organizational challenge; it was worth it not only for the money raised, but the lessons learned and the new connection to the VATSIM virtual flight community, forged during the development of this livestream.

System Diagram Click for a tech details breakdown

Check out /givebig/tech for an article detailing how the technology and event was put together.

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