Automating Flight Sim Video Editing with AWS

Automating Flight Sim Video Editing with AWS

It’s been a couple of weeks since I made the original pitch for machine learning transcription in flight sim video editing. Since then, I had a couple of work sessions to test out the hypothesis.

Here are two versions of a video that’s been auto-cut from a 40-minute original, by my automation workflow.

The first takes every 2-second or longer speech clip, stringing them together with no buffer.

Here’s the second - still 2-second minimum, but a one-second buffer at the end of each segment.

Clearly - we’ve got some issues.

How it Works:

Markdown Image

The ML Transcription Workflow - Bash, Python, S3, Amazon Transcribe, Lightsail and Lambda

The overall workflow is several small scripts that each take a single step in the flow, each operating on a collection of files in different S3 buckets or folders. The processed files go to the next bucket where the following operation will find them.

The Code So Far:

I’ve made a couple parts of the code available on GitHub at

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