Building a Coin-Op Fighter Jet with Arduino and DCS Bios

Following on from the Arduino AoA Indexer project, we’ve got even more hacks with the “30 Days Lost in Space” kit for DCS World! This time, using a coin acceptor and some easy code with DCS Bios, I’ve created a fun and silly coin-operated fighter challenge! You’ve got five seconds of missile arm time every time you drop in a quarter.

A tactical advantage? No way. Tons of fun? You bet.

Check out the video!

I captured the whole process in a brief video - from wiring to coding and the flight test. Have a look, leave a comment! What other kinds of flight sim hardware hacks would you like to see?

Doing it yourself

If you’d like to try this approach yourself, here’s what you need:

Hardware ingredients needed:

In Memoriam

I dedicate this build to William “Bill” Brandenburg, 1935 - 2021. US Navy, Sub Hunter, Electrical Engineer. Love you, Grandpa!

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